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Endangered Planet
Description Goals and Objectives Grade Level: 3-5
In this lesson, students visit the Planet Arkive Fact Files where they research endangered animals. They then take what they have learned and create a collection of placemarks (one per continent) that contain the name of the animal, where it lives and some facts they learned about the endangered animal. The Learner will use the internet to research endangered animal species.
The Learner will create a collection of placemarks using Google Earth to quantify their learning.
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Student Controlled
1-2 hours
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Planet Arkive is a fantastic resource I was pointed to by MrBarrett from the Google Earth Community. The core site, offers lesson plans, videos, photos, and so much more!
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One surprising thing to me was the difficulty that the 8-9 year olds had transfering the flat map of earth on the Planet Arkive site to the round Google Earth (which is why I created the labels for the continents). Students seem to be quite engaged by the lesson and enjoy exploring the facts about the animals. None Computer capable of running Google Earth and a web browser at the same time.
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Ideas for Extensions: 1. Have students make a placemark from every category of life-form per continent (amphibian, mammal, etc).
2. Have the student do a research paper on one of the animals in the placemarks.
3. Have students develop an action plan to help a local endangered species.
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