3rd Grade:

1. Downloadthe Continents overlay to help you identify the continents. (if you don't know your Continents, you may choose the Continents with Names overlay)

2. In the Planet Arkive Fact Files , select Mammals.

3. Explore through the different letters of the alphabet, finding an animal that is endangered from every continent.

To see a map of where the animal lives, click the 'Where is it Found' button.

Where is it Found

4. Switch to Google Earth and find the continent the animal lives on. Once you find the continent, Add a Placemark on the continent by clicking 'Add' at the top of the screen and pulling down to 'Placemark'


5. In the window that opens, Delete where it says Google Earth New Placemark and type in the name of the animal and the name of the continent. Be sure that it is going to put the placemark in your Animals folder!!
placemark details

6. Repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 until you have 7 placemarks, one for each continent on Earth in your folder!!

7. You can earn extra points by: Typing a Fact about the animal into the 'Description' part of the 'New Placemark' window.