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X-TREME Geometry - Intense Right Triangles!
Description Goals and Objectives Grade Level: 8-12
In this lesson, the student imports a placemark file of ski resorts in North America into Google Earth. They then select a ski run at a resort of their choice, find the upper and lower elevations of a run as well as measure the length of the run. The student then uses the Pythagorean Theorum to calculate the length of the base of the triangle (run), finds the measure of the angle of the two unknown angles. The calculations are then converted into a drawing and saved as a .jpg which is included as an in-line graphic for a placemark they create at the ski run. The placemark is saved and turned in to the teacher for grading.
  • The student will create a triangle representative of a ski run at a major ski resort.
  • The student will use the appropriate formula to define the sides and angles of the right triangle.
  • The student will create, save and import a graphic into a Google Earth placemark of the ski run.
Content Areas Type:
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Technology
Student Controlled
1-3 class periods
Skills Addressed File Resources Available Related Topics & Resources
Manipulation of numeric data.
Problem solving.
Multiple software application use.
This is a pretty straight forward lesson. A couple related websites are included in the file 'main.html' which is intended for the students to view.
Accuracy of calculations in the placemark graphic. Accuracy of calculations on paper and pencil calculations. (Quiz or Test Optional)
Notes about the Lesson Non-Digital Materials Needed Digital Materials Needed
This is more of a 'Concept Piece' than anything due to the fact that I haven't worked with Geometry much since my college days, years and years ago, so some of the dialog in the flash files might not meet the standards of most High School classrooms. The concept is, in my estimation, a very sound and hopefully motivating one for students struggling to enjoy advanced math. Please review the flash files if you are able and steer the kids right in the proper sections :-) I doubt if I will find the time to reshoot this lesson, so it is posted 'as-is'. Paper and Pencil for worksheets and calculations. Computer capable of running Google Earth, a Word Processor and graphics application simultaneously. Optional: scientific calculator, either hand held or software (free calculator available for download on this page)
Created By: David Date: 23:2:18 2006-3-22


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Ideas for Extensions:

Download the Torino Winter Olympics placemark file from the Keyhole BBS and tie it in with speed of the racers on the runs.

Have students identify and fix the lesson to make it better.

Input and ideas from other teachers who have tried this lesson- Click Here

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