Where We Are From!

Where are we from? That is what we will find out with Google Earth and a little Math!

For a Video Tutorial of how to do the step click the dancing TV.

Questions to think about while you complete the lesson...

Why do people move from one town or country to another?

How did your classmates come to go to the same school, and the same class as you?

What do you have in common with your classmates besides being in the same class?

How can math help us understand why or how people end up where they are now?

Steps to complete this lesson:

1. In Google Earth, find where you were born and find where your school is. Video Instructions

2. Add a placemark for both places.Video Instructions

3. Put both placemarks in a new folder under 'My Places'.Video Instructions

4. Select one of the arrows below and copy it's location.Video Instructions








5. Create an Image Overlay using your choice of the arrows below connecting your birthplace to the school being sure to store the overlay in your folder. Video Instructions

6. Measure the distance between the two points and enter your data in the description field of the overlay. Video Instructions

7. Enter your data onto the class data grid.

8. Save the folder as a .kmz and turn it in to the teacher.Video Instructions

9. Once everyone has calculated their distances, complete the worksheet.

10. Great job! Now maybe you can tell how Math can be used to help us understand more about ourselves and the world we live in!