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Exploring Time Zones - A Travel Experience
Description Goals and Objectives Grade Level: Gr 6
This lesson will explore the time zones around the world with the use of various software including; Smart Ideas, Google Earth and Provided internet resources. • explore latitude and longitude coordinates to locate some major cities and countries of
the world
• use information about time zones to identify time differences among regions of the world; have a greater understanding of time zones
Content Areas Type:
Social Studies Student Controlled
Three Lessons (Lab)
Skills Addressed File Resources Available Related Topics & Resources
Internet Research, Mathematics (time), Geography (Location)

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I have created a Google Earth "My Places" project outlining a family trip from London, Ontario to Australia, crossing the International Date line. Each landing included time zone information. This will be the model for our study on time zones. Story Book-Somewhere in the World Right Now
This can be purchased through
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Ideas for Extensions: Fiction story writing on your imagionary journey around the world.