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A Business History Plan- The Origins of Business
Description Goals and Objectives Grade Level: grades 9-12
Student will tour a GE project that placemarks the origins of four to five inventions/concepts that have changed the world of business.

Students will be given time to research a topic of their choice involving some aspect of business and then add their placemarks to the GE project with comments including hyperlinks to their research.

The short list of inventions/concepts students can pick to reserch - each student will pick a different topic - includes but is not limited to the following items: history of accounting, history of economics, typewriter, abacus, calculator, shorthand, computer, telephone, cell phone, ball point pen, Internet, labor strikes, etc.
Provide practical applications to Google Earth by researching and locating the origin of an invention/concept that changed the face of business. By utilizing technologies that interest students, this will increase interest in business and provide a platform for topics in business history. Content Areas Type:
Student Controlled
2-3 class periods
Skills Addressed File Resources Available Related Topics & Resources
research skills
navigating GE

files available Lesson Plan in



This link provides excellent GE instructions. I would suggest a hard copy as well as a link to this site for student use:

The bottom portion of this webage provides detailed information with screen shots for creating placemarks and adding comments, hyperlinks and images. Information on this page can be adapted to provide students with a short "how to" worksheet.

Students will successfully add at least one placemark to the Business GE Project. This will include comments and one hyperlink to research topic. Extra points will be given for adding an image.
Notes about the Lesson Non-Digital Materials Needed Digital Materials Needed
Create a simple GE Project before class and have each student download it individually on their computer.

An overhead showing navigating the GE project GE would be beneficial.
hard copy of the following link or a similar worksheet:
access to the internet
Google Earth
projector (optional)
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Ideas for Extensions: This lesson could be adapted to many content areas where a global historical perspective is desired.