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New lessons!

Filed under: General — GELessons Blog Admin at 11:07 am on Monday, March 19, 2007

Many thanks to Roy Denton and Echo Ukrainetz for submitting new lessons!

Roy has some neat ideas on how Google Earth can be incorporated into an investigation of the U.S Civil War by 5th grade students, although it could easily be adapted to other grade levels. You can find his lesson here.

Echo has put together a neat Web Quest style lesson where students explore (research) Spain and share their new knowledge via Google Earth. Echo’s lesson is here.

Once again I would like to offer my apologies for not maintaining the site over the last several months. The school year has been daunting for a number of reasons, but things are finally starting to settle down (now that the Yearbook is off to the printer!) and I promise to soon integrate new lessons I have developed as well as linking through a wealth of other lessons that have been collecting around the web.

Stay tuned, there are some neat things coming! With Google Earth now supporting the 4th Dimension - Time, along with new tools like KML editors that make creation of sophisticated placemark collections even easier, not to mention some of the amazing new content included in Google Earth Layers, the power of this free tool has literally exploded!

Some of the lessons I personally have worked on with the kids and will soon write up in ‘Official’ GELessons format include a science lesson on landforms, a K-2 lesson about ‘My World, Small to Big’ and another lesson I am developing entitled ‘Mysteries of the Atacama’.

In addition you can expect to see lessons that incorporate Google SketchUp for Math and Geometry too!

Part of the problem too is that I keep finding really neat, free stuff that energizes the kids that are not Google Earth related. The latest is a wonderfully fun little program called the SoupToys Toy Box which has turned into the latest fad at our school thanks to the little simple machines related critical thinking lesson I created (the .doc Challenges worksheet is here). Stuff like that, along with others like Stellarium (an awesome free planetarium program) and Celestia (an amazing space investigation tool, a bit complex for Elementary though due to interface issues) and others just divert my attention from Google Earth! Sometimes it’s tough being a scatterbrain :-)

Anyway, thanks for visiting!


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